University Visualizations

On this page, we show how investment returns have varied depending on endowment size. Those with the largest endowments have had much stronger returns. We also break down the growth in endowments and find that for the largest endowments most of the growth comes from investment returns rather than contributions. For smaller endowments, a larger portion of endowment growth comes from contributions (so contributions do matter!).

With coronavirus throwing the state of classes into question, we look at who is open for in-person classes. We find that universities in weaker financial positions are more likely to be planning for in-person classes in Fall 2020 than those better positioned.

Lastly, new funding is badly needed. Nearly a third of universities cannot cover a year’s worth of expenses with their net assets (in the absence of revenues).

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Underlying data on endowment size and revenue breakdown from the National Center for Education Statistics. Historical returns by endowment size from National Association of College and University Business Officers. Returns compiled from Form 990 IRS filings. School opening status from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Calculations powered by Daddy.Finance.